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dazzling group of stars in one of Cairo’s most renowned districts, Majarrah stands out to capture the heart and soul of customer experience. This mixed-use retail and business development was designed with users at its centre, aiming to give them the

Retail and office spaces of exceptional quality make up the essence of Majarrah, where no detail is left unattended. The mixed-use nature and the exceptional design of the development promise to deliver optimum footfall results for both retail and business areas.

The development comprises four retail buildings that are strategically designed to offer truly exclusive shopping, entertainment and dining experiences, and that are fused under a unique and creative design concept. With a wide variety of offerings anchored by an upscale supermarket, entertainment venues, fashion and accessories stores, casual dining, a food court, beauty salons and a gym, Majarrah will become a favored destination not only for those who reside in surrounding areas, but for those outside them too.

Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune encircle a wide, spacious outdoor area that was carefully designed to fit the dynamics of today’s lifestyles. Each retail zone symbolizes a selective set of customer needs and fulfils them to the fullest, whether that is through the tenant mix or with the appeasing design and layout.

This is all crowned with the one-of-a-kind Majarrah Market Street that surrounds the entire development and that promises a new and exciting level of leisure, with the best food and beverage cuisines and a festive ambience all year around

And with it all are high-end office spaces that are built according to the latest and most advanced international standards. Available in a wide range of areas, these sophisticated administrative units were conceptualized to accommodate all the needs of modern day office life.

Facts and Figures:

  • Total area of complex:20,000 m2
  • Total build-up area:68,000 m2
  • Total office area:20,000 m2
  • Retail: more than50 retail and service units
  • Parking capacity: 560 cars
  • Offices ceiling height is3.4 m and a span of 12 m between columns
  • Public address system available to all businesses
  • Climate control: HVAC system that operates using chilled water technology

Technical Features

  • Connected to a central alarm system
  • Closed circuit television allows for 24-hour surveillance
  • Automatic Sprinkler system FM- 200 fire suppression
  • Heating, ventilation & air conditioning system operates using chilled water technology
  • Parking control system provides further security Capacity of 560 cars
  • Public address system available to all businesses
  • Supplied from 2 independent sources, dual ring units and transformer. In addition, a diesel powered generator
  • Protected against all kinds of weather through highly effective insulating technology and double-glazing.
  • Built using an ergonomic and environmentally friendly building and energy management system
  • Passengers escalators and elevators
    Goods elevators
  • Internet , IP Television and IP Telephony on a single connection

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For more information and inquires:
Block 12, 26 th of July corridor, Sheikh Zayed City, 6 th of October, Egypt

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